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Keep In One

In this new technology era, we deeply understand that the traditional methods of doing business are disqualified to serve the market. We always face a problem oles person. Each sales person in the market can't accurately tell the client the various types and quantity of products their company is holding, since there are too much of products and accessories inside the store. To overcome these, Keep in Touch (M) Sdn. Bhd. has designed out a new business concept to stand out with a brand new image in welcoming year 2010; we named it - Project Keep in One.


  • A new business concept to serve the market.
  • To bring out a message accurately.
  • To provide the most complete catalogue with all camera brands and accessories to all our clients.
  • To provide an opportunity of stocks clearance for dealers.
  • To provide the latest IT news and the most complete products information in the shortest time for our clients.
  • Our client are able to make an orders anytime and anywhere.
  • Selling out products in super low price to all our clients.


  • The first and largest camera and accessories supplying website.
  • Regenerate a new company image and branding linking up relationships between banking, manufacturers, dealers and us.

Target Audience

  • There are an approximately of 1200 camera ships in Malaysia and 400 are our clients.
  • Memberships vacant for any camera dealers.



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